President Message

Dear colleagues,
we welcome you to join us in the Libyan Society of Orthopedics and Arthroscopy. We at the Libyan Orthopedic Society and Arthroscopy strongly believe that the improvement of the country’s health system depends primarily on every medical practitioner.

In this context, we agreed to establish this association, which unites us all for a noble goal, that is bringing together orthopedic surgeons and other medical practitioners from specialties intertwined with orthopedic surgery nationwide, under the umbrella of the association in order to unify efforts in developing the profession of medicine ,and also supporting and providing practitioners with the  required knowledge and training according to the latest state-of-the-art health systems in the world, by organizing workshops, conferences and various periodic and individual events.

We assure our firm determination, despite all the difficulties and obstacles that may encounter us, to insist in order to achieve our goals and to facilitate the access  to knowledge and the continuity of its transmission to the younger generations of medical practitioners . We also pledge that we will spare no effort to extend a helping hand to all in order to develop and improve the medical care provided to patients, by organizing awareness campaigns and meeting with the public within the framework of educational seminars and lectures to raise the level of public awareness about orthopedic surgery and the dissemination of community medical culture to facilitate and simplify medical knowledge, and make it easier and closer for everyone, also  to increase the awareness and cooperation with medical service providers.
In conclusion, we confirm that we welcome the participation of all medical practitioners from all relevant specialties, and we affirm our true conviction that everyone’s participation in the decision-making process contributes to making the best choices and thus building a brighter and more advanced future.
Therefore, we invite everyone to express opinions and share ideas and suggestions, as we look forward With interest to your precious contributions in order to achieve our mission for which we have committed ourselves to work with dedication.

God grants success.

Best Regards

Dr. Saleh Abumahara

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